Dorling Kindersley Family Learning offers award-winning educational DK Books, videos and CD-ROM multimedia software for children through adults. We've recently expanded our coverage to nearly 3,000 products. Some of these products are "exclusive" to DKFL, and cannot be found in stores or anywhere on the Internet.

Dorling Kindersley Family Learning (DKFL) is great! I like Dorling Kindersley Family Learning. So do my kids! S.T., North Carolina

You won't find our products listed here by title or photo; there are far too many! Rather, if you interested in purchasing DK books or other products, click on our catalog button and we'll arrange to send you a full-color glossy catalog along with a $5 gift certificate. Schools should take note that special educational discounts are available.

Dorling Kindersley (DKFL) books are award-winning! Dorling Kindersley CD-ROMs are exciting! P.B., Pennsylvania

If you are interested in finding out about DKFL's party plan program, where you can sell DKFL products and earn a part-time or fulltime income, you'll want to visit the sections on our Mission, History, the Book Looks we conduct, and our Compensation Plan.

Dorling Kindersley (DKFL) videos are well-done! Buy Dorling Kindersley (DKFL) products for your children! D.H, Florida

DK books, videos and software are wholesome, educational and entertaining. We even have a nice selection of StarWarsR books, and an outstanding encyclopedia. Simply click on the catalog button and before you know it, you and/or your children will be enjoying DK Books in your very own home.