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Where the new updated version of the classic ''Cyclomaniacs Epic'' game it's now called Cyclomaniacs. The cyclomaniacs game unblocked provides fantastic vertical bike racing with breathtaking stunts. It would help if you competed in various locales to be crowned the ultimate champion of the world. Get into the game as a cunning robot and strive to win races to unlock new and exciting features and characters. Try to keep your bicycle balanced so that you may perform air flips while staying upright and, of course, avoid crashing down in this fun cyclomaniacs game online play. Some people prefer to drive their cars, while others prefer to ride their motorcycles, while still others prefer to stroll. The Cyclomaniacs, the protagonists of the game Cyclomaniacs, are bike-lovers since they do not leave their bicycles for days on end. Join the army of cyclists; we have as many as twenty of them, and they will all take part in races on twenty-six different tracks throughout the city. Depending on the situation, you will be changing at least a couple of dozen bicycles. On each track, you'll find a variety of activities to complete. It is necessary to finish this task, or you will not be permitted to continue racing. When you play the Cyclomaniacs game, you will race against the clock, perform stunts, gather various items, and so on.

About CycloManiacs?
Cyclomaniacs epic game
is an amazing cycling racing game in which you may unlock new different riders, polish different tracks, and cool different bike horns. Perform stunts to obtain achievements and finish in the top spot as much as possible. Have a great time playing the Cyclomaniacs game unblocked on on all devices, including browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. Within 60 seconds or in the top 5 in the rankings Accumulate boost meter points by performing stunts, and then use them to outrun your opponents.

How to play CycloManiacs: What are the best strategies?
Cyclomaniacs is a free racing game that you may play online. Accelerate, twist, stunt, and annihilate your opponents! When you play Cyclomaniacs, you take on the role of an overly ambitious pedal pusher who is attached to a ten-speed bicycle and racing against an army of bizarre characters. The characters are ninjas, dragons, orcs, skeletons, extraterrestrials, and precise cute-looking robots. So join the action-packed and ultimate race of highest destiny, and it contains nearly every type of fantasy or science fiction trope you could ever imagine! To win, you'll have to be not only quick, but you'll also have to pull off some crazy stunts! Invest your winnings on upgrading your bike, which will increase everything from your speed to its handling, weight, and ability to perform tricks to its overall performance. Aside from that, you will have the opportunity to unlock new and interesting characters. Creepy characters. Characters who are out of place! The weird selection of players and theme in this game contributes to half of the enjoyment, so fire up your BMX and hit the road!

Release Date June 2016
Updated On Friday, February 25, 2022, to html5 and its HTTPS version of the game.

Type Html5

HTTPS Ready Yes

Mobile ready Yes

Mobile Mode Portrait

Genre Bikes, Sports, Cycling, Trial, Offroad, Ability.

To play the game use the Arrows / WASD = accelerate / brake / balance, Space = jump.

Where can I play CycloManiacs?

You can play CycloManiacs updated and unblocked free online now in the Html5 version long-lasting and working on all devices here on!

How do you play CycloManiacs?
To play this fun madness racing on two heels use the W, A, S, D buttons or Arrow keys to lean forward, backward, tilt or slow down. Your speed and leans will grow over time as you gather materials for an upgrade. Use the Space Bar to jump. Your jump will increase as you collect and spend upgrade tokens

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The Cyclomaniacs game was developed by TurboNuke. But you can play the game online on!

The Web browser of the game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3


  • A great html5 cycle racing game online in a downhill style available to play on all devices.
  • There are numerous levels to discover and accomplish.
  • 20 different riders.
  • 26 different tracks
  • 20 different bike horns.
  • A star rating is given to you based on how well you perform.
  • There is an option for full-screen viewing.
  • Upgrades and achivements.
  • Nitro to boost the speed and power of the bikes.
  • You can perform back and front flips in order to earn additional points.
  • Excellent music and sound effects, as well as a fluid animation speed.
  • Playing the game is straightforward.

More Information aboutCyclomaniacs
Enjoy a funbicycle racing downhill game with epic twisted turns and fun achievements to complete. The Cyclomaniacs game it's developed with html5 technology that allows the game to perform smoothly on browsers and mobile devices. If you like this game make sure to play more similar bicycles for kids to have a blast on two wheels here on our website!


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Cyclomaniacs . Online Games . (2024)
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