European Wax Center - Fort Worth, TX 76177 - Services and Reviews (2024)

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Are you ready to look and feel your best? European Wax Center offers a variety of women’s and men’s waxing services to reveal your smoothest skin ever, as we believe waxing is for every body. The highly trained, professional Wax Specialists at European Wax Center Fort Worth – Alliance are ready to provide you with the best waxing service you’ve ever had, whether that’s a full body, arm, leg wax, Brazilian or bikini wax, upper lip, eyebrow, or other facial wax. Our specially formulated Comfort Wax® is loved by our guests and wax experts alike, as it’s gentle on all skin types, providing a “virtually painless waxing experience” without the pain of strips. Fall in love with the new, smoother you – book a reservation today.

European Wax Center - Fort Worth, TX 76177 - Services and Reviews (1)

Located In: Alliance Town Center



Thursday8 AM–9 PM
Friday8 AM–9 PM
Saturday8 AM–6 PM
Sunday11 AM–6 PM
Monday8 AM–9 PM
Tuesday8 AM–9 PM
Wednesday8 AM–9 PM


Waxing Hair Removal Service
Arm hair removal
Back hair removal
Bikini waxing
Brazilian waxing
Chest hair removal
Eyebrow waxing
Facial hair removal
Hairline waxing
Leg hair removal
Lip hair removal
Men’s waxing
Organic waxing
Stomach hair removal
Strip waxing
Anti-Aging Facial
Back & Shoulders Waxing
Balance Facial
Basic Eyebrow
Bikini Area Waxed
Brazilian Hair Removal
Brazilian New Guests
Brightening Facial
Brow Arch
Brow Maintenance
Brow Shape
Brow Shaping
Brows And Lashes
Brows Groom
Butt Full
Chest (Full) Up To $36
Chest Strip
Clog Pores
Deep Cleaning
Defining Brows
Different Facial Waxing Services
Ear Hair Removal
Ears Up To $15
European Wax
Eyebrow Shapes
Eyebrow Threading
Eyebrow Waxing For Men
Eyebrows Lip
Eyebrows Up To $26
Face Exfoliating
Face Skincare
Facial Hair Removal
Facial Skincare
Facial Wax Women
First Bikini Wax
First Brazilian Wax
First Facial
Free Wax
Full Arm Up To $49
Full Back Up To $61
Full Bikini
Full Brazilian
Full Face
Full Stomach
Hair Color
Hair Grows Back
Hair Removal Options
Half Arm Up To $41
Hard Wax
Hydrating Facial
Ingrown Hair Treatment
Inner Thighs
Legs (Full) Up To $76
Legs (Lower) Up To $46
Legs (Upper) Up To $48
Lower Back Up To $25
Lower Lip
Makeup Application
Men’s Brow Waxing
Men’s Brow Waxing
Men’s Grooming
Mid Back Up To $25
Nose Hair
Nose Hairs
Nose Up To $16
Permanent Makeup
Regular Facial
Removing Unwanted Hair
Revitalizing Facial
Shoulders Up To $30
Simple Bikini
Skincare Therapy
Stomach Strip
Traditional Makeup
Tweezing Just
Under Arms
Underarm Wax
Underarms Up To $23
Upper Arm
Upper Back Up To $30
Upper Lip
Wax Advice
Wax Centers
Wax Pass
Wax Passes
Your Brazilian
Your Eyebrow Wax
Your Mini Facial
Hair Removal Service
Body waxing
Eyebrow threading
Skin treatments
Beauty Salon

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Address and Contact Information

Address: 3108 Texas Sage Trail, Fort Worth, TX 76177

Phone: (817) 750-5500


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Khyati Nama

Yes!! All you read about April is right. She is awesome. She was quick but made sure the job was done properly and made me comfortable. My whole experience was great at this place. this was the first time I visited European Wax center but it definitely is not the last time. Will be there for more services!!

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Celina N

The wax center was a very clean and welcoming environment. I had my appointment with Casi and she was very professional, educated me on the process that was happening, and calmed any nerves I had. I highly recommend Casi and the European wax center to any first timers or people who frequently get waxed.Waxing,Body waxing

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Sofia Arroyo

10/10 recommend booking with Casi. She provides great service and conversation! I have never felt so comfortable during my waxes, and have never had someone has gentle as she is while waxing!! Booking with her is 100% worth every dime.Brazilian waxing

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Patricia Chavez

Before attending this wax center, I had a painful/poor first time brazilian wax experience. After asking around and doing research I got referred to European wax center where I read through reviews on my nearest location. Booking with April was honestly the greatest decision ever!! Not only did she make me feel comfortable and calm from the moment she walked me into the room but she was a very kind, gentle, and very professional. I hardly felt any pain! She made sure to instruct me on at home care and was overall just great! Definitely book with April for a 10/10 experience!!

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Coralee Rennert

My first time ever getting a wax i was pretty nervous. Casi Clark was my first waxer she could tell I was super nervous and she helped me and walked me through the process. She is super gentle, nice and precise. She’s the only one I trust with my eyebrows I will never go to anyone but her. Next time you book with European wax make sure you book with Casi Clark trust me you won’t regret it!!

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Aisha Chee

I’ve been going to European Wax Center for many many years, in different states. The only place I know and trust. No double dipping there EVER. The Alliance location is my regular location. They are very good, but if they’re not careful the very young ladies they are hiring will give them a bad reputation. The young girls tend to not pay attention to details and could have a better attitude. My last waxer Sydney seems to be the exception. She’s young, wonderful attitude and wants to make sure you’re happy with her services. When working for tips you THINK this would be standard.

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Aniya Gabrielle

I made my first appointment with EWC about 5 ish weeks ago (I had never gotten waxed before) and I don’t regret it. Caroline gave me my first Brazilian and was incredibly kind and patient with me. She walked me through the process and any questions that I asked, she answered as honestly as she could. I would absolutely suggest booking with her. Super funny, big smile on her face, and she’s fantastic at her job. Going to my third appointment with her this week!

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Carlos Nunez

Received a body waxing from Casi Clark and was very satisfied with the results. Establishment was clean and comfortable and will return. Casi did a wonderful job and was very professional, would definitely recommend.Men’s waxing,Waxing,Body waxing

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Jacklyn Lain

My experience today was good. Marleigh did an okay job- she missed a section but it is being fixed today. Everyone was very professional and made me feel comfortable.Waxing

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hvvShannon Badger

It was my first time and Caroline was amazing and she made me so relax. She talked to me the whole time to keep my mind at ease. It was very clean and she kept checking on me during the whole process. I will be going back to see Caroline for sure.

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European Wax Center - Fort Worth, TX 76177 - Services and Reviews (2024)
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