Mot Restaurant Group (2024)

Our story starts in 1978 when Phuong and Tuyen Nguyen came over from Vietnam with a Pho family recipe. Fast forward almost 3 decades and it was time to pass down the family recipe to their son Kevin Nguyen, who with Ryan Speier and Zi Lin, opened their first restaurant: Saigon Kitchen

Saigon Kitchen is a full-scale traditional restaurant

After several years we were able to open our second location: Saigon Bistro

Saigon Bistro is a small casual restaurant that focuses mostly on takeout/delivery

The story takes an unexpected turn when Ryan pitched to the team that Fort Lee needed a burger restaurant. What started as a small idea for a burgers/fries popup turned into a full fast-casual concept. Martin James joined the team and our Classic Burger Restaurant was born: Marty’s

Marty’s is a Classic fast-casual burger restaurant focusing on high quality ingredients and hand-cut fries.

After a year we were able to open our second location: Marty’s in JC Heights

New locations:

Saigon Bistro Cliffside park

Saigon Bistro Fair Lawn

Mot Restaurant Group (2024)
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