No Hard Feelings Showtimes Near Metropolitan Fiesta 5 Theatre (2024)

1. No Hard Feelings Movie Times & Info | Fiesta 5 Theatres | Santa Barbara

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2. No Hard Feelings Movie Times & Info | Metropolitan Theatres

  • Browse the latest movie times for No Hard Feelings now showing at Metropolitan Theatres. Book your tickets online today!

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4. Coral Springs Center For The Arts

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7. No Hard Feelings - Fox 5 Theatre

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13. Showtimes - No Hard Feelings - Cineman

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No Hard Feelings Showtimes Near Metropolitan Fiesta 5 Theatre (2024)


Where is No Hard Feelings based? ›

Where does No Hard Feelings take place? The film takes place in Montauk, on Long Island, New York.

What time does No Hard Feelings come out? ›

No Hard Feelings was released in the United States on June 23, 2023.

Where can I watch No Hard Feelings on Netflix? ›

Yes, No Hard Feelings is streaming on Netflix.

Since Sony is the production company for No Hard Feelings, the film is on Netflix in the US.

Is there No Hard Feelings on vudu? ›

Where to watch 'No Hard Feelings' Starting Aug. 15, audiences will be able to buy "No Hard Feelings" digitally on platforms including Amazon Prime, Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu and more. You can pre-order the movie for approximately $19.99.

Do Maddie and Percy sleep together? ›

When Percy returns to the house, he and Maddie then decide to have sex and get it over with, but before he can even get inside her, he ends up ejacul*ting on her thigh. He says that he knows about everything and doesn't want to see Maddie anymore, saying that she will end up living in Montauk for the rest of her life.

Is No Hard Feeling based off a true story? ›

No Hard Feelings is a raunchy comedy based on a real Craigslist ad, bringing Jennifer Lawrence back to the big screen in a hilarious role. The movie is largely fictional, as no one responded to the ad.

Is No Hard Feelings a good movie? ›

This raunchy comedy often plays it disappointingly safe, but Jennifer Lawrence's comedic and dramatic chops ensure that the end result prompts No Hard Feelings. Funny and heartfelt, No Hard Feelings is good fun for fans of R-rated comedies.

Is No Hard Feelings inappropriate? ›

The film is full of constant, strong language, with constant sex references and scenes of full frontal nudity. There is alcohol used in the movie, but it isn't an excessive plot to the story to counter as inappropriate. These are all played for comical effects, but should still not be shown to young audiences.

What is the meaning behind No Hard Feelings? ›

The phrase no hard feelings is used in speech to say that you are not upset or to ask if someone else is upset. "I'm sorry I broke our date last night." "That's OK; no hard feelings." "So, we're still friends, right? No hard feelings?"

Is No Hard Feelings on Prime? ›

Watch No Hard Feelings | Prime Video.

Will No Hard Feelings be on Disney Plus? ›

Sony also has a secondary streaming deal in play with Disney which means No Hard Feelings streaming on Netflix will not be permanent. The title falls under the April 2021 deal for all Sony 2022-2026 movies, making it available to stream on Disney Plus or Hulu as part of the Pay 2 window.

How do you watch hidden movies on Netflix? ›

There are two ways to access the secret collections. You can do it from any desktop by typing '' into the URL and adding a unique ID code. Alternatively, if you use Netflix on a TV, you can simply type in the code to the 'search' bar. It does not work on mobile or tablets.

What has happened to Vudu? ›

Vudu is now Fandango at Home! Our name's changing, but your experience remains the same.

Will Vudu ever go away? ›

Fandango has decided to completely rebrand Vudu, a streaming video service that's been around for over a decade, to Fandango at Home. “We will still have the same great films, shows, deals, and bundles, plus your library will stay right where it's always been,” the company said in a post on X (via 9to5Google).

How do I get free Vudu movies? ›

A Vudu account is free, so you can sign up without worrying about getting charged for anything. After you sign up, you can watch free movies and shows that are supported by ads. Your free account will also allow you to purchase rentals and digital copies of movies and shows.

What state was Jennifer Lawrence born in? ›

Jennifer Lawrence (born August 15, 1990, Indian Hills, northeast of Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.) is an American actress who is known for her versatility on-screen and her accessible, honest off-screen persona.

What is the story behind the song No Hard Feelings? ›

The song is about a man recovering from a breakup. He describes his attempts to recover with the phrase "time, tequila, and therapy", which provided the album's title. All five band members wrote the song with Shane McAnally, with whom they also produced it.

What is the story behind No Hard Feelings by Avett Brothers? ›

By the end, “No Hard Feelings” is only about reconciliation: “I'm learning why it matters / For me and you / To say it, and mean it, too,” Seth sings. He is asking for absolution and peace. To forgive and be forgiven. It's a difficult and hard-won moment.

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