Remnant II Patch Notes 420,332  – 05/09/24 — Gunfire Games (2024)

--|Performance and Crashes|--

- Fixed an issue where Impact Cannon sometimes caused performance issues vs Annihilation.

- Fixed an issue where Upgrading/Downgrading repeatedly could cause hitching or slowdown.



- Engram: Now properly shows Lore and Description when viewed in Wallace’s Inventory.

- Way of Kauela: Haste applied by other sources will no longer be removed when Kauela ends.

- Way of Kauela: Fixed an issue where Drenched Sound loop would remain after a kill.

- Way of Kaeula: Fixed an issue causing Tidal Wave to skip cooldown and multiple times.

- Way of Kauela: Fixed an issue that caused recasts to refresh the Lighting Cooldown.

DEV NOTE: The Lighting Blasts from Way of Kauela are on a timer, and recasting would cause this timer to be refreshed. They are now on an independent timer so that recasting will allow the Lighting to strike when it originally should have.

- Way of Meidra: Drenched no longer reverts to base damage upon Archeytpe swap.

- Way of Meidra: Should now consistently heal friendly Companions & Summons.

- Way of Meidra: Fixed an issue allowing Way of Meidra to heal bosses.

DEV NOTE: Vash Cowaii in shambles.

- Way of Lydusa: Increased Critical Bonus Chance from 5% to 10%.

- Way of Lydusa: Added Elemental Damage type for AOE Blasts.

- Way of Lydusa: Now scales with Amplitude.

- Way of Lydusa: Skill Cooldown bar behaves properly when using “reactivation” effect.

- Way of Lydusa: Enabled Sand Devils generation from Skill/Status Damage.

DEV NOTE: While all damage is currently allowed to generate Sand Devils, we are keeping an eye on on. This is because it ends up allowing an infinite cycle of Sand Devils > Detonate when Mod or Status damage continues to apply. The original design was that Brittle was caused by Ranged and Melee Damage, and Sand Devils would also only be created by those damage types as well. We will see how this plays out and may eventually limit it to only those damage types.


- Prime: Fixed a bug causing Amplitude to have a double stacking effect on Vile.

- Wrath: Increased Damage Bonus from 20% to 25% at Max Level.

DEV NOTE: While Ritualist is already quite strong, we wanted to ensure that their strength wasn’t entirely Status Damage so that they could also be used as a Secondary Archetype more effectively. This is a slight buff to benefit all damage in either scenario.


- Sidewinder: Reduced the Reload Time Decrement from 10s to 6s.

DEV NOTE: This change allows for a few more Swap Reloads with Sidewinder at the base duration of 60s. Previously, 7 were possible. With this update, 11 are possible. Of course, it still benefits from Duration Increases as well.


- Power Creep: Increased Mod Refund & Mod Generation Bonuses from 5% to 10%

- Chaos Gate: Increased Mod Generation from 5% to 10%.

- Chaos Gate: - Fixed an issue where VFX were still visible to clients after deactivation.

- Havoc: Fixed an issue causing Havoc to be staggered in some situations.

- Havoc: Fixed an issue where abilities would cancel after going through a Labyrinth portal.

- Havoc: Fixed an issue causing inconsistent Cooldown Refund behaviors.

- Havoc: Fixed an issue causing Blink to trigger AOE Explosion Twice.

- Havoc: Fixed an issue that allowed Footwork and Swiftness to multiply Speed Bonus.

DEV NOTE: Havoc Form was incorrectly labeled as always in “AIM” mode, which allowed Footwork and Swiftness to stack while applying to Lighting Hands and Shield. This is no longer the case, but Movement Speed Bonuses will still apply to both (just not AIM Bonuses).

- Havoc: Reduced Lighting Hands Base Damage from 56 to 48.

- Havoc: Reduced Movement Speed while Firing Lighting Hands.

- Havoc: Slightly increased the cost of Lighting Hands time decrement per pulse.

DEV NOTE: The combination of Movement Stacking Bonuses and Fire Rate Stacking - which is still enabled – allowed the Archon to easily circle strafe some of the most challenging content while holding down Lighting Hands. Repositioning with Blink was almost never required due to the Speeds that could be attained. This change allows the Archon to retain their maximum Speed Bonuses during normal movement and reduces the evasive effectiveness of simply strafing while firing. We also boosted the Archon’s overall Mod Generation through Power Creep, and added a bit more back to Chaos Gate.


- Vulcan Turret: Fixed an issue causing Turret to miss shorter enemies like Hollows or Parasites.

--|Gear / Items|--

|Ranged Weapons|

- Trinity: Increased Base Damage from 42 to 44 per bolt (126 to 132 per Shot).

- Thorn (Blowback): Added Mod Damage Scaling to Blowback Explosions.

- C.Aphelion: - Fixed an issue that caused the weapon to propel players across map.

- C.Sorrow: Fixed an issue preventing Heals from applying to Companions & Summons.

- Monolith: Added Elemental Damage Type to Primary Fire (Ranged + Elemental)

- Monolith: Fixed an issue causing Primary Fire to sometimes pass through parts of enemies.

- Monolith (Sandstorm): Fixed issue preventing Mod Use when no Ammo was present.

- Monolith (Sandstorm): Enabled Duration to scale with Mod Duration Bonuses.

- Monolith (Sandstorm): Now properly scales with Mod + Elemental Damage Bonuses.

- Monolith (Sandstorm): Fixed an issue preventing proper damage calculation.

- Plasma Cutter: Fixed an issue that caused certain VFX particles to drift.

- Polygun: Fixed an issue showing incorrect values when upgrading.

|Melee Weapons|

- Mirage: Fixed a UI issue causing stats/description to break the bounds of the Tooltip.

- Mirage (Cyclone): Enabled Proper Damage Type scaling (Melee + Elemental)

- Crystal Staff: Fixed Incorrect Damage Scaling Values.

- Crystal Staff: Lowered Base Damage to account for proper 3x Damage Scaling (net Buff)

- Crystal Staff: Fixed an issue where Inspect information as displaying incorrectly.

- All Katanas: Increased Backstep Damage Scalar from 0.9 to 1.45 per hit.

- Steel Katana: Increased Critical Chance from 11% to 13%

- Edge of the Forrest: Increased Critical Chance from 9% to 11%

|Weapon Mods|

- Explosive Shot: Fixed an issue preventing proper damage scaling based off Weapon Level.

- Song of Eafir: Fixed an issue allowing damage to register as Weakspot Hits vs some fliers.

- Scrap Shot: Fixed an issue preventing damage from updating in the inspect information.

- Flying Bomb Trap: Fixed an issue that allowed Flying Bomb Trap to damage allies.

|Weapon Mutators|

- Failsafe: Fixed incorrect refund calculations for Mods that spent Multiple Charges at once.

- Ingenuity: Fixed an issue causing Level 10 Bonus to break reload on any non-heat weapon.

- Pressure Point: Fixed an issue where Level 10 Bonus triggered twice on Mod Activation.

- Weaponlord: Fixed description of Primary Effect.

- Slayer: Increased Damage Bonus from 20% to 25%.


- Mist Step: Fixed an issue that caused certain weapons to disappear.

- Birthright of the Lost: Applies EXPOSED to enemies in a 3m AOE on any Perfect Dodge trigger.

- Birthright of the Lost: EXPOSE no longer applies to self on self-triggered Perfect Dodge.

- Jester’s Bell: Increased Duration from 15s to 20s.

- Kinetic Shield Exchanger: Increased Mod Generation from 20% to 30%.

- Stoneshaper’s Chisel: Effect properly remains after after traveling.

- Ahanae Crystal: Increased Damage Bonus from from 4% to 5% per Stack.

- Band of the Fanatic: Increased Status Damage Bonus from 25% to 30%.

- Band of the Fanatic: Reduced Duration Penalty from -65% to -50%.

- Burden of the Audacious: Fixed interaction with Burden of the Divine.

- Burden of the Follower: Increased Mod Generation from 25% to 30%.

- Burden of the Mesmer: Reduced Health Penalty from -25% to -20%.

- Devoured Loop: Fixed an issue preventing any Skill Cooldown resets.

- Devoured Loop: Fixed an issue preventing Skill Cooldown resets of active skills.

- Effluvium Enhancer: Increased Acid Bonus from 20% to 25%.

- Matriarch’s Ring: Increased Duration from 5s to 7s.

- Ravager’s Bargain: Removed hidden Skill Damage that was stacking with Base Damage Bonus.

- Shadow of Misery: Increased Status Damage Bonus from 15% to 20%.

- Shock Device: Increased Shock Bonus from 20% to 25%.

- Talisman of the Sun: Increased Fire Bonus from 20% to 25%.


- Constrained Heart: Recasting properly refreshes BULWARK stacks.

- Broken Heart: No longer causes long black screen after death while equipped.


- Fixed an issue where Bloodless Heir Aberration would focus on entirely on summons.

- Fixed an issue where the Kiln enemy could shoot through some walls.

- Fixed an issue where Tal Ratha’s Weapon phantom for Roll Attack was incorrect.

- Fixed an issue where some enemies would remain inactive during Shrewd fight.

- Fixed an issue where Dran Rifle and Shotgun character rarely connected with melee attacks.

- Fixed an issue where the Root Knight could get stuck hovering over Root Nexus.

--|Misc Fixes|--

- Fixed an issue where changing a keybinding from LMB to anything else would cause melee throwing weapons to automatically get thrown even if button was not released.

- Fixed an issue where the tooltip for Sanguine Vapor was incorrect and did not match the item description text.

- Fixed a collision issue causing players to sometimes pop into place while riding elevators.

- Fixed an issue where the Trinity wall mural was not always displaying correctly.

- Fixed an issue causing some cubes to not reappear after dying during the Polygun Quest.

Remnant II Patch Notes 420,332  – 05/09/24 — Gunfire Games (2024)


What time does the Remnant 2 head start? ›

Remnant 2: Early Access Start Date & Time

With respect to exactly when Ultimate Edition purchasers can get into the game, the early access start time is 4pm PDT on Friday, July 21. For convenience, here is that start time converted for several other time zones: CDT: 6pm on July 21. EDT: 7pm on July 21.

How does Remnant 2 work? ›

Your goal in Remnant 2 is to find out what's causing the Root and exterminate it. The Root is a pestilence spreading across different worlds, consuming reality as it spreads. Along your journey, you'll find lost allies, make new friends, and witness incredible phenomena.

Is Remnant 2 a sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes? ›

Remnant 2 is a third-person shooter action role-playing video game developed by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox Publishing San Francisco. A sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes, the game was released for PlayStation 5, Windows and Xbox Series X/S on July 25, 2023.

What is the best gun in Remnant 2? ›

Best Handguns in Remnant 2
SRune Pistol
ANebula, Sorrow Star Shot Double Barrel Cube Gun Hellfire Meridian Tech 22 Silverback Model 500 Bolt Driver Enigma MP60-R Rupture Canon
BRepeater Pistol Western Classic Sureshot Service Pistol
CRusty Repeater
Nov 29, 2023

Does Remnant 2 get harder with more players? ›

There are a lot of games where, if one player has more free time to put into the game, they're unintentionally making the game more difficult for their friends when they play together. Remnant 2 is very conscious of this, and while it does still make the game a bit harder in this scenario, it's much less egregious.

How many worlds are there in Remnant 2? ›

All Worlds in Remnant 2. There are a total of six worlds players can explore in the game, each with a unique theme and multiple storylines.

How long is Remnant 2? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Remnant II is about 18½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 79 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How many hours is Remnant game? ›

18½ Hours
Main Story48713h 30m
Main + Extras45222h 2m
Completionist8461h 16m
All PlayStyles1K21h 12m

Is the dreamer the last boss in Remnant? ›

There are a lot of challenging bosses in the game, but none are as hard as the Dreamer and the Nightmare. This is the final encounter which earns you 50 Gamerscore and a coveted Xbox Achievement. The boss battle occurs when you go through the mirror in the lowest-level basem*nt of Ward 13, your home base.

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