Scott Malkinson Phone Number, Address, Age, Contacts [1 Record Found] (2024)

What is Scott Malkinson's address?

Scott Malkinson's address is 6168 NW 20Th Ct APT PH, Margate, FL 33063.

What is Scott Malkinson's phone number?

Scott Malkinson's phone number is (954) 854-****.

How old is Scott Malkinson?

Scott Malkinson's is 65 years old.

What is Scott Malkinson's email address?

Scott Malkinson's email address is scottmalkin***

What is Scott Malkinson's date of birth?

Scott Malkinson was born on 1958.

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Scott Malkinson Phone Number, Address, Age, Contacts [1 Record Found] (2024)


Who is Scott Malkinson dad? ›

Clark Malkinson is the father of Scott Malkinson who appears on Season Twenty-Three episode, "Basic Cable".

In what episode does Scott Malkinson appear? ›

Scott Malkinson is a character introduced in the episode "Elementary School Musical". He has a lisp and diabetes, which Cartman rips on him for. The boys use him to replace Stan, who has begun to try learn how to do musicals to prevent himself from losing Wendy to Bridon Gueermo.

Who is the oldest kid in South Park? ›

Eric Cartman, Stanley Marsh, and Kyle Broflovsky are all 10 years old, while Kenny McCormick is 9. The creators intentionally kept the main characters the same age to maintain the comedic premise of the show, which has contributed to its longevity.

Who is the paralyzed kid in South Park? ›

James "Jimmy" Valmer (/ˈvɑːlmər/), formerly Jimmy Swanson, is a fictional character from the American animated television series South Park. He is voiced by Trey Parker. He is physically disabled, requiring forearm crutches in order to walk.

Who is Scott Malkinson crush? ›

Scott Malkinson

Scott instantly becomes infatuated with Sophie after hearing that she has diabetes. He believes he has fallen in love with her almost immediately upon meeting her and feels entitled to be with Sophie on the mere basis of their shared diabetes, focusing on no other aspect of her beyond her condition.

Who is Scott Malkinson dating? ›

Sophie Grey Was Scott Malkinson's love interest in South Park.

Does Cartman have a lisp? ›

Cartman has a slight lisp and tends to jumble letters together. Instead of saying, “Cool!” and pronouncing all the letters in the word, Cartman says, “Ku!” He also tends to speak from behind his teeth. For example, when saying the word “tomorrow,” he pronounces it, “Tuh-muh-ruh.”

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