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Scott Malkinson

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Hair ColorBrown
Grade4th Grade
Voiced byMatt Stone
First AppearanceElementary School Musical


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Scott is one of the more unpopular boys at South Park Elementary School. He has a lisp and diabetes, and is often ridiculed by Cartman and various other kids in South Park.


Begrudgingly submissive, Scott, while being a punching bag for the rest of the boys in South Park, is picked on in a more dismissive way than Butters. Scott's feelings are often ignored and his problems are used as a means for self-promotion by others when brought into light.

The neglect Scott receives puts him in very ‘needy’ positions and there was a point where he required constant counseling from Mr. Mackey regarding his choice to quit Twitter. On one occasion, Butters even bullied him after getting fed up with how he constantly complained about his health conditions.


This consistent ridicule he has endured has left Scott believing that his conditions are his entire identity, a problem that has made him self destructive and lacking confidence. Being so completely chained to this mindset, Scott even believed that another girl who also had diabetes would be his girlfriend simply for sharing the same struggles. This experience led to a pie on his face but helped him understand that there can be more to who he is than just a lisp and diabetes.


While Scott's mother seems to generally look out for her sons well being and happiness, Scott's father doesn't have the same kind of patience for that. Scott compared a kiss from Sally Darson to almost like "if someone cared about" him, and remarked that his father suggested to him that he would not even be capable of quitting social media. Scott's father also dismissively mocks his son for his diabetes as a defensive measure when his own insecurities and failing career are put in the spot light.

DNA Overview

While you are largely misunderstood by the people around you, you are a compassionate, sensitive soul. People with Scott Malkinson DNA may not have a lot of close friends, but they’re the most loyal buddies anyone could ask for. (And it might be a good idea to lay off the sugar.)

Memorable Quotes

  • "Hey, don't make fun of my diabetes." (Elementary School Musical)
  • "She'll kiss any of us?" (Butters' Bottom Bitch)
  • "Wow... It's almost like having someone care about you." (Butters' Bottom Bitch)
  • “HE'S HASN'T EVEN ORDERED THE PIZZAS YET!" (A Song of Ass and Fire)
  • "Would you guys care for a frozen butter pop?" (Gluten Free Ebola)


Here's Scott's biggest design changes throughout the show's run.

Season 12-Present

Main Alter Egos

Scott (Pajamas)

Scott (P.E. Uniform)

Ranger Scott

Captain Diabetes

Other Alter Egos/Outfits/Counterparts

Season 18

Waiter Scott

Season 23

Scott Malkinson Suit

Scott Malkinson in PJs

Scott Malkinson Needle Fingers

Season 24

Scott Malkinson Lil Q'ties


Future Scott Malkinson

The Fractured But Whole

Diabetic Rage

Phone Destroyer

Captain Diabetes (Imagination)

Romantic Relationships

Love Interest

Sophie Gray

Close Friends

Despite being relatively friendly, Scott isn't very popular in or outside of school. Due to this, he isn't specifically close with anyone.

The Guys

Scott seems to have befriended some of the boys in recent years, most noticeable Butters Stotch and Eric Cartman. Though none of them are very close to him, and sometimes don't even like him, they'll still usually let him hang out with them.

During his debut, Kyle and Kenny, along with Cartman, decided to hang out with him, since he was the only other kid that wasn't into singing and dancing at the time.

Other friendships he's made with them include Stan and Clyde, both of which are in the same Dice Studz club as him. He's also been seen with Tweek and Craig at assemblies and lunch a lot more in recent years.

Eric Cartman

Kyle Broflovski

Kenny McCormick

Stan Marsh

Clyde Donovan

Craig Tucker

Tweek Tweak


These characters usually interact with Scott exclusively at school. He seems to be on good terms with all of them, but doesn't have any special relationships with any of them.

Jimmy Valmer

Tolkien Black

Timmy Burch

Wendy Testaburger

Heidi Turner

Bebe Stevens


Nichole Daniels

Annie Knitts


Bradley Biggle

David Rodriguez

Dog Poo Petuski

Jason White

Jenny Simons

Kevin Stoley



Scott's relationships with these characters have never been quite clear, and his mutual feelings about them is usually up for debate amongst fans.

George R. R. Martin

Mr. Mackey

Randy Marsh

Behind the Scenes

From "A Song of Ass and Fire" (1708)

Production Art: Tracking Shot

Animators use cues within the storyboard for camera movement, like this tracking shot:

Scott Malkinson | South Park Character / Location / User talk etc | Official South Park Studios Wiki (45)

From "Gluten Free Ebola" (1802)

Character Art: Scott Malkinson

Scott Malkinson | South Park Character / Location / User talk etc | Official South Park Studios Wiki (46)

Art created for Scott Malkinson's "work outfit"

Featured Episodes

  • The Jeffersons (s08e07; retroactive cameo)
  • Elementary School Musical (s12e13; official debut)
  • Butters Bottom Bitch (s13e08)
  • Going Native (s16e11; mentioned)
  • Black Friday (s17e07)
  • A Song of Ass and Fire (s17e08)
  • titt*es and Dragons (s17e09)
  • Gluten Free Ebola (s18e02)
  • skan* Hunt (s20e02)
  • Basic Cable (s23e09)

Video Games

South Park: The Stick of Truth

He is seen on the front cover of GameInformer magazine's coverage of South Park: The Stick of Truth. Despite how Cartman treats Scott on the show, Scott joins sides with Cartman's human faction of the Kingdom of Kupa Keep. Scott quickly befriends Douchebag. After Clyde is banished by Cartman, he assumes the role of Kupa Keep's shopkeeper. Scott is later used for practice when Douchebag is trained to use the Cup-A-Spell fart.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Scott will play a prominent role in the sequel as Captain Diabetes (see above) and early levels of the game will include the player acting as Diabetes' sidekick.

Bonus Factoids

  • Since his introduction, Scott Malkinson has generally been characterized as the least popular student at South Park Elementary, succeeding Butters Stotch and before him, Pip Pirrup. (All three boys are played by Matt Stone.)

Myths & Legends

  • Scott made his official South Park debut in "Elementary School Musical" as a brand-new character, but in the HD version of "The Jeffersons", he was retroactively added to the line for cotton candy.
    • This is a bit of an easter egg, as Scott's diabetes would likely prevent him from eating cotton candy.
Scott Malkinson | South Park Character / Location / User talk etc | Official South Park Studios Wiki (2024)
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